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Key Updates


Governor Cuomo announces the Cluster Action Initiative, a three-tiered system for new rules and restrictions to address COVID-19 hotspots in Brooklyn, Queens, and Orange and Rockland Counties. These will go into effect no later than Friday 10/9 and will remain in effect for 14 days. Rules are broken down by three colors.

New York and New Jersey Join Pennsylvania and Delaware to Create Regional COVID Alert App Network to Stop the Spread of COVID-19. You get an alert if you were in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. It is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. 

Free walk-in testing is available at mobile testing units in addition to NY Health and Hospital sites. Find locations near you here.

Visit to find out which phase of reopening your region is in, industry guidance for each phase, regional dashboards for monitoring how the virus is being contained, and information on loans for small businesses.


On October 22nd, the FDA approved Remdesivir as the first drug for COVID-19. Check out our Instagram post to learn more. 

Pfizer confirms its coronavirus vaccine will not be ready before mid-November. To finish collecting safety and manufacturing data, Pfizer will not apply for emergency authorization of its vaccine before the third week of November. Check out the Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker for status updates on other clinical trials.

Latest guidelines and updates from the CDC here.

Updated national cases here.

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News & Research

(as of 10/27)


Confirmed Cases



While this number will continue to rise, the number of cases is a reflection of our ability to TEST.  Many people with COVID-19 have not been tested, meaning the true number is much higher.


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LitCovid Maintained open-resource literature hub. The articles are categorized by topic—overview, disease mechanism, transmission dynamics, treatment, case report and epidemic forecasting—as well as by geographic location for visualization on a world map.

COVID PapersAn updated collection of COVID-19 papers collected by University of California San Francisco.

Yale Literature DatabaseDatabase of COVID-19 literature maintained by Yale Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library, organized by region, by source, and by topic.

NYU COVID Literature ReviewsOne-line and one-page summaries of the most recent and relevant COVID-19 research, produced by students, physicians, and scientists at NYU.

Follow @litcovid_nyu on Twitter for research updates.

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